Stitch Fix #1


I recently decided to try Stitch Fix because I want to experiment with my style a bit, but don’t want to start spending any time at the mall. I don’t like the mall… and don’t really have much time for the mall. I’m much happier letting someone who is probably about my age have some fun picking items… and love that those items are shipped to my door, so I can try them on at home.

Goal: Keep one item from each fix. Maybe someday I’ll get an amazing box and I’ll decide to keep everything (and save 25% from the total cost!), but I don’t at the moment think that’s very likely. Finding one item each time is pretty important to me, though… I like the idea of getting one new clothing item every month, and I hope to avoid spending $20 just to receive and try some items that I don’t love. (If you buy something, the $20 styling fee is deducted from the cost of the item.)

The style focus: I work remotely (mostly from coffee shops) so I don’t really need “office wear,” but I attend a lot of start-up and foodie events, so I need cute and interesting things to wear to those events.

ImageThis is what was in my first fix! Stylist: Breane.

1. Pomelo Alan Cowl Neck Asymmetrical Cardigan: I wasn’t sure about this one at fist glance, but then I tried it on and became a fan right away. The interesting features (mostly zipper location and cowl neck) really started to appeal to me. All my other warm zip-up long-sleeve shorts are so… very casual. This is still casual, but it’s… better. More interesting. I also like the color and that I’ll have plenty of opportunities to wear it in Seattle. Decision: KEPT!

2. Tart Tamie French Terry Racer Back Maxi Dress: I’ve been curious about this kind of dress for years, but am pretty sure I had never tried one on. I was immediately sure I wouldn’t keep it, though… I don’t think I’ve ever paid $150 for a dress. I like that the material is super soft and do like the style of the back, but the dress didn’t look good on me. I was kind of relieved because I didn’t want to have to end up thinking about it.

3. Lily Cheyanne Cross-Front Short Sleeve Top: I love red, the interesting front, and that it has very short sleeves… perfect for summer. At first I was convinced that I would keep it because of those reasons, but eventually decided to put it in the return envelope because I liked the cardigan much more.

4. Renee C Landry Printed Cross-Front Blouse: This was one of my “pushing the style boundaries” items because I don’t usually wear prints like this, tops in this style, or tops made of the kind of thin material that this top is made of… sadly I didn’t even get to consider keeping this top, because it was a bit tight in the shoulders. I guess it was also a little too short. Darn!

5. Sanctuary Rizzo Ponte Pants: This was the other big surprise. I almost put these straight into the return envelope, but then I decided that I really need to give them a chance. Big surprise… they actually fit!! Great job, stylist Breane! Very impressed. They ended up in the returns bag because I don’t think skinny pants are very flattering on me right now, but I’m very happy that she decided to include them… it’s nice to be able to fit into pants that you think look too small. ;)

Final thoughts: I got my one “keeping this!” item and had fun trying some very interesting new things (4/5 fit me!), so I’m very happy with my first Stitch Fix. Hope they send me something good in a month… the next one is supposed to arrive a few days before my birthday!

If you’d like to try it, I hope you consider using my referral link. Thanks!



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