June 2014 Hazel Lane Box – Portland, OR

This is my second Hazel Lane box and I love it! Why did I subscribe? I love discovering new places, learning about new companies (especially small ones!), and letting these ladies shop “for me.”

I normally get the “classic explorer” box because I like having some big (and/or more expensive) items in my box, but they also have a small box option and a “deluxe” subscription option. Looks like they also just added an “uber deluxe” box! I might upgrade in the future if the pricier box has something extra cool (kind of sad I missed the wine print in May!), but I’ll probably stick with the “classic” most months.


33 Cups of Coffee journal – Most people got some ground coffee or coffee beans, but this little booklet makes so much more sense for me. I don’t make coffee at home but visit coffee shops almost every day (because I like coffee and need to hang out at places with tables and wifi during the work day), so this is a fun little item that actually fits my life. There’s a chance this item will become a gift because I also have many friends who love coffee, but I’ll probably keep it. Thanks, Sam and Ashley of Hazel Lane!!

33 Bottles of Wine journal – I believe most or all subscribers got this one. I have a feeling this one will go to a friend who will enjoy rating wine more than I would, but I’m still happy to see it in the box. It’s cute and useful and a good little gift for one of the wine lovers in my life. I like the little flavor wheel and color meter sections of the review!

Cheetah Bottle Opener – I like that this cheetah has an eye patch and I like bottle openers, so this is a good item for me! I just have to find a good place for it… I already have a Yelp bottle opener on one keychain and a Geocaching bottle opener on another.

Tribal Neon Bag by Frankie and Coco PDX – I kind of like this bag but I don’t really “need” this bag because I have way too many Ipsy bags. Not sure what to do with it yet. The probably more important thing is that I now love this maker and just started following their shop on Etsy. So many cute things! I love most of their bag prints but am actually more interested in the scarves, sea salts, and hand painted ceramics. I don’t see any of the ceramics in the Etsy shop right now, but some mugs are featured on the website. They have birds on them. How “Portland.” ;)

Spoon Rest – Another item from Pigeon Toe!! YES!! I received a couple of their products in my last MakrBox, so I already like the company. I was extremely happy to find this spoon rest in my box because it’s nice and I’ve actually been thinking about getting a spoon rest, but couldn’t quite get myself to do it because I can just use a little plate or something. This is so much better! Thanks, ladies!

Bonus points for the card with a personalized note. I’m starting a little collection on my fridge… :)

So happy I decided to sign up for their box a couple months ago. Can’t wait to find out where we’re “going” next!

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2 thoughts on “June 2014 Hazel Lane Box – Portland, OR

  1. Ashley D. July 2, 2014 at 12:39 pm Reply

    Thanks so much for the wonderful review Inna! If you ever “miss out” on anything that is in our Deluxe box, there is a chance we have it for sale in our “a la carte” section on the website. Speaking of the website…we have some exciting changes happening in the next couple weeks so stay posted!!! ;)

    Ash and Sam @Hazel_Ln

    • innab July 3, 2014 at 11:03 am Reply

      Can’t wait to see the changes!!! Thanks!! :)

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