Subscription Box Update

I sometimes forget which boxes I’m subscribed to, so about six months ago I made a list on my phone (in “notes”) so I could check it every month and make sure I’ve received everything that I should have received. This is basically that list with some referral links and some notes about each box.

Graze: I love these snacks because they’re perfect “purse snacks” that can rescue me on crazy busy days. The only things I don’t like: their selection seems small during the warm months (no snacks that contain chocolate!) and I think I’m starting to hate raisins. I think I need to edit my preferences so they stop sending me snacks that contain raisins. ;)

Blue Apron: So convenient!! I love that they’ve made it much easier for me to cook, and now I actually cook a few meals a week instead of… almost no meals per week. Every once in a while I skip a box because I don’t like their picks that week, but that has only happened a few times. Some people complain about the cost, but to me it’s not really expensive… it saves me a grocery store trip (money and time) and a restaurant trip (money and time). Also, I love browsing recipes but almost never get to the “need to make this! time to go grocery shopping…” step. The entrees they send are frequently about $12-20 at a restaurant, so paying $9.99 (and no tip) “per person, per meal” ($9.99 x 2 (people) x 3 meals = $59.94) isn’t too much. Also, I have found that a Blue Apron meal meant for two people can usually feed 3-4 (or be dinner + lunch for two people).

New Roots Organics: I don’t normally mention this one on here because it’s a Seattle company that delivers fruit and veggies to my door, but it’s still technically a subscription service. I love them because the customer service is great and it saves me a trip to the farmer’s market. I recently decided to skip a week and visit a farmer’s market after work instead. By the time my work day ended, I was exhausted and had a headache. Instead of going to the market, I decided to take a nap… and was later sad because that meant I had no healthy snacks at home and had to visit a grocery store the next day.

Birchbox: I love many of the samples and their points system! It’s also only $10 per month… or you can pre-pay and get a small discount and/or a bunch of extra points that can become “cash” on their site.

Popsugar Must Have: I love this box because they send a nice variety of items (not just food and beauty!) and plenty of big/full-size items. I love my new elephant ring holder, scarves, citrus infuser bottle, Lulu Frost bracelet, 2014 calendar, etc.

Hatchery Tasting Box: I like the companies they feature and many of the samples they send. Plus, the samples are the perfect size for my kitchen/lifestyle. I don’t know how I feel about the new $25 price tag, but so far it looks like people who subscribed early get to stay at $20 (or you can get it for $20 per month if you pre-pay for a year). I haven’t ordered any full-size items yet, but I like that they offer free delivery on featured items (during their feature month). The one reason I consider unsubscribing… I don’t really use spices or rubs, so those have been piling up and will probably be given away. Samples I love: ketchup, jam, chocolate sauce, olive oil, vinegar, sea salt.

MakrBox: This box is my way to acquire neat gifts, support local makers, and acquire some cute/useful new items for my home. Favorite discoveries: Pigeon Toe thimble cups, Fisher Woodworking saute tool, and San Juan Island sea salt.

Hazel Lane: This box is great for learning about different cities/small companies and getting some cute/useful items picked out by ladies who love to shop (I’m way better at browsing). Favorite items so far: Billy Sky crystal necklace and Pigeon Toe spoon (or jewelry) rest. I also love the personalized notes on the city cards and that they take the time to build relationships with their customers (online).

Stitch Fix: This service is a great way to avoid the mall/stores, figure out my style, and get some cute new things that were picked out by a combination of me and a stylist. If you love shopping you can probably find the items for a bit less elsewhere, but I don’t love shopping so it doesn’t really happen without “help.”

Yuzen: I love this box because the products are all eco-friendly and tend to last a long time. The value is also great and it’s kind of nice to have a box that only arrives every few months.

I recently unsubscribed from…
Ipsy… because I decided to try Petit Vour and don’t see a reason to get both at the same time. I like that Petit Vour is all about vegan and cruelty-free products. I was a happy Ipsy subscriber for a couple years and might sign up again in a few months, but for now it looks like the July bag will be my last.

Conscious Box… because they sent too many tiny samples, too many duplicates, a couple too many “about to expire” samples, and a few too many odd products that I really don’t need and can’t even give away (because it’s hard to find a person to offer them to). They just made some changes to their service so I might try again in a few months, but the most recent 3-month trial was pretty bad.

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