Instagram: Trend Addictions, Constellation & Co, Fresh Tangerine

I follow quite a few businesses on Instagram, and a couple months ago those “follows” led to some purchases.

I don’t know how I started following Trend Addictions because their shop is in New York and I usually focus on local (meaning: around Seattle, WA) businesses, but they somehow got my attention and a post about a discount code got me to visit their shop website. I was looking for a shirt, and ended up grabbing this one (for $11 after shipping?!). It’s a bit more sheer than I was expecting so I have to wear a top under it, but I like it. It reminds me of the “flying squirrel” shirts (the sleeves!) that a former co-worker loves or used to love.


The connection to Constellation Co. is a lot more clear. They have a studio in Pioneer Square, Seattle and I found out about them a couple years ago because Sara McNally (co-founder) did a Creative Mornings talk in 2013; back when they were at Makers in Belltown. I miss that location and those events. In early 2014 the events moved to a theater in the EMP Museum building, which was harder for me to reach when I lived in a near-by neighborhood and is really difficult now that I live in a near-by city. Anyway… my cousin and her husband recently adopted a couple cats, so the post about this new print made me think of them. I didn’t want to buy online because it was easy enough to visit them, so I stopped by their studio a few weeks later to purchase it. I’m kind of tempted to stick to their Etsy shop in the future because that day stopping by during regular business hours meant interrupting a webinar she was listening to (participating in?), but I still like trying to buy things at physical locations when I know they’re easy for me to visit.


The third shop/maker is Fresh Tangerine. They’re also in Seattle and I think they recently moved into their Pioneer Square studio, so the connection is no surprise. I saw a photo of their rings on Instagram and asked if I could stop by because I’ve been thinking about wearing rings for the first time in years, but can’t really buy them online because I have no idea which size to pick. I liked a couple of their rings, and ended up taking a little ampersand (&) ring home with me. (The bracelet in the photo was a BaubleBar Buried Bauble a few months ago. I sadly lost track of it about a month ago… hope it re-appears soon!)

Fresh Tangerine's cute Pioneer Square studio!

Fresh Tangerine’s cute Pioneer Square studio!


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One thought on “Instagram: Trend Addictions, Constellation & Co, Fresh Tangerine

  1. Jun E Caniel September 4, 2014 at 8:41 am Reply

    Good stuff

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