Where did my Birchbox points go this time? (+ Birchbox Surprises)

I recently started cooking a little more, so only having one cutting board started to (finally) frustrate me. I searched for one for several weeks… and then realized that Birchbox sells some useful home/kitchen items, including cutting boards. I get plenty of skincare and make-up from boxes, so I try to spend my Birchbox points on useful stuff like hand soap, shampoo/conditioner, cutting boards, and reusable water bottles (for yoga).


Quirky Mocubo cutting board: I picked this one because of the plastic containers. Perfect for the nights I cook Blue Apron meals!

Caldrea Hand Soap – Vanilla Quince Santal: I believe this is my second time ordering Caldrea soap with Birchbox points (because I like their soap but don’t want to spend $11 on soap). Pretty sure I first tried their product because of the Popsugar Must Have Box.

Mystery Sample Pack (free with $35+ order)
Votivo candle (Azure Garden): I was really happy to see this tiny candle in my box. I love candles! The one weird thing is that the candle appeared to be sweating in the July heat. The droplets went away several hours or days of sitting in my living room.

Marcelle New·Age 8 in 1 Power Serum: This one was a little disappointing because I also received it in my July Birchbox.

Birchbox surprises!


They accidentally sent me a second Triple C Designs Power Card™ Ultra Thin Battery! My first Birchbox Plus purchase ended up being pretty amazing for me… the first battery was late so they automatically added 100 points (aka $10) to my Birchbox account… and then a few weeks later I found another one on my doorstep. I contacted customer support right away because I knew they sold out and might want this one back, but the rep said I can keep it. I’ve only used my first one for small charges a few times and haven’t tested it to see if it’ll take my phone from 0% to 100%, but I love having extras because I spend a lot of time on my phone and at events (where friends could benefit from battery pack access).


Several months ago I received this little surprise in the mail because I qualified for the new Birchbox Aces program. At first I wasn’t thrilled because I have plenty of bags from Ipsy, but then realized that this one is bigger and pretty useful when I need a tiny purse or a place to keep my phone safe (from my keys) in my yoga bag.

How do you get Birchbox points?

If you’re a Birchbox subscriber, you make sure to review your samples each month! You don’t really need to do more than answer the survey questions, and I believe you have to get your feedback up before the 10th of the following month. You also get points when you spend money in their shop, when there are issues like items being shipped late (or duplicate samples in boxes), and when your friends use your referral link to subscribe to Birchbox. If you’re not subscribed yet, this is my referral link. :)

What should I get next time? I’m thinking my order is likely to include a French Bull Flex Cutting Mat and maaaaybe the Birchbox Diamond Yoga Leggings.


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