August 2014 Petit Vour Box – “Beauty 101”

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1. Beauty Without Cruelty Natural Eye Pencil: Another eye pencil. Shoot! This one also looks great, so I hope the friend who received it loves it.

2. Earthbody Cleanser Mask: “Brighten is a daily vinyasa for your face.” :) I like face cleansers and masks, so I’m looking forward to using this when I run out of the others I’m using right now. I don’t have it with me right now (blogging from a friend’s house), but I believe this one is a powder so I have to mix the product with water to use it. Hope it’s awesome!

3. Harvey Prince Journey: I’ve heard great things about this perfume, so I’ll try it. I don’t normally wear perfumes because I don’t love them and my boyfriend dislikes them, but I like having a sample in my make-up bag because it sometimes somehow makes sense to have a little perfume on at some marketing/girly events.

4. Mi-Me Tangerine Hydrating Lip Butter: I really like the ingredients and the idea of hydrated lips! I also like that they suggest exfoliating lips with a toothbrush once a week. I’ll have to try it!

5. Rosemira Organics Sweet Coconut Body Butter: This is a tiny sample, but it looks like a great and expensive product. I’m thinking about using it on my elbows and knees! I think they need some extra love because I’ve been taking a lot of power vinyasa yoga classes. Darn cat cow and low plank poses. ;)

All the items seem good/great when focusing on ingredients, but I’m only really excited about 3 of the 5 products. Hope the September box is a better fit!


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