August 2014 Stitch Fix


I never thought I would ever keep everything I received in a Stitch Fix box, but it happened in August! I’m so thankful they give you a 25% discount if you keep everything. I definitely would have talked myself out of some of the items if that discount didn’t exist.

IMG_1208 2

I didn’t fall in love with this dress right away because it’s not a color I normally wear and a little shorter than all my other dresses, but eventually decided to keep it. It’s nice to have a little variety… and more soft dresses! I wore it to a Yelp event at a great local pub last week, and on my way home a random male driver who passed by me yelled “I love your dress!” Yay?

IMG_1208 3

I received this top in a different color in July, and was kind-of surprised that they sent me a way better color so quickly. I thought they would wait a couple months before sending me this item. Anyway… great fit, beautiful color, and soft material. Easy decision!

IMG_1208 4

This top is a little more loose than I normally like, but I immediately knew I had to keep it because I love the color, the long length, and the interesting cut-out detail. I just have to find a good shirt to wear under it because the black tank top I chose last week looked a little too much like a bra.

IMG_1208 5

I immediately fell in love with the color and the key-hole detail. I had to try it on a few times before I decided to keep it because I wish it could be a little longer, but I think it still works. Looking forward to wearing it under warm tops in the winter!


I love the print and design but had a hard time accepting the short length. Eventually I realized I didn’t want to send it back and that I was keeping the whole box. Wore it last week and loved how I felt in it!

So my wardrobe got quite the upgrade last month… hope I don’t end up falling in love with everything they send me in September. ;)

If you’d like to try Stitch Fix, I hope you consider using my referral link. How does Stitch Fix work? Learn more here. Why do I love Stitch Fix? I don’t like hanging out at stores and usually have a hard time choosing items, but need stylish clothes for events. How do you get a perfect fix? Make sure to keep your profile updated and add notes for your stylist! Last month I mentioned autumn coats, fun prints, and fun details. Also, make sure to add things you like to your Pinterest board (and include a link to the board in your Stitch Fix profile).


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