Hatchery Tasting Box

I haven’t posted about my Hatchery Tasting Boxes in a while and don’t really have the time to do all the proper posts, so I decided to look at their shop and put together a quick list of the products that stood out.

1. Tonewood Maple Flakes – At first I wasn’t sure how to use these flakes, but then I started adding them to my oatmeal… and couldn’t stop! Might need to buy a jar.

2. Cherry Chipotle Dipping Sauce – I actually haven’t tried this yet because I don’t normally use dips at home, but I love that Not Ketchup has been super active commenting on Hatchery box posts on Instagram! The Hatchery site has some good ideas… might need to make a meatloaf or cook some tofu with this sauce.

3. Modern Gingham Preserves – I loved the cherry preserves!!

4. Lori’s Salt Caramel Syrup – This syrup was part of my “let’s add some flavor to this oatmeal!” test… it was pretty great. :)

I love this subscription because I love getting little samples of very interesting and gourmet ingredients, but a couple weeks ago I decided to put my account on-hold. I’m not cooking much right now (outside of Blue Apron meals) so I don’t really need ingredients and my schedule is about to get even crazier because the school year is starting (my boyfriend is a tutor and now also a teacher), so I really don’t need to spend money on stuff that’s just going to sit and age in our kitchen.

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