Hazel Lane’s Austin, TX box (August 2014)

I was so happy to see this box on my doorstep a few weeks ago! I love Hazel Lane boxes because the founders seem pretty awesome and I love receiving cute goodies from different cities.

I’ve never been to Austin, but I used to work for a start-up that had an office there and frequently spoke with co-workers who worked from that office. Seems like a cool and interesting city!

Screen Shot 2014-09-26 at 1.08.14 PM

I absolutely LOVE the Monorail Studio print! I don’t have much art in my home, so new pieces are always welcome. The saying on this one is also cute… and I like that it’s yellow. I don’t have enough yellow in my home. The company also seems like a company I’m happy to support (and know about). Big win!

The Austin Tie Dye Co dinner napkins also make me very happy because they look nice and are super useful. I like receiving useful things in boxes.

The Stubbs Spice Rub will be a good gift to someone who cooks/grills a lot more than we do. I’m happy this spice rub is gluten-free… maybe it’ll go to someone who will use it to grill some meat for my boyfriend (and me)! ;)

I think the VINCA laser-cut acrylic earrings are cute… but sadly their presence in my box made me realize I never told the Hazel Lane ladies that I don’t have pierced ears. Oops. Thankfully they know now and it looks like I have a couple friends who are interested in the earrings. Since receiving this box, I have enjoyed looking at the other items available on VINCA’s website. I really like their food (taco! burger! pretzel!) pieces… and the animals (fox! octopus! Boston Terrier face! squirrel!)… and the different organs/bones! Those are not really my style, though. If I picked something from their site, it would probably be… something with a fox.

Bonus (received separately): A little Lights Out candle (spiceberry chai)! It smells like… a chai apple pie. I am so looking forward to burning it!! I believe some subscribers received this as a “thanks” for pre-paying 3+ months. I haven’t done that yet (been paying monthly instead), but Sam and Ashley said they wanted to send a little gift to thank me for being a super fan.

Next up… Charleston, SC! Can’t wait to see what they picked this time! I like that they mentioned House of Cards when they first announced the city because my boyfriend and I watched the first two seasons last month. :)


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