September 2014 MakrBox

I’ve been a MakrBox subscriber for a while now because I love getting nice things for my home and supporting makers… especially when they’re Pacific Northwest makers! I don’t spend much time at farmer’s markets and other events where smaller companies sell their goods, and this way I can get those items and support those people without having to find them.

Box options: The “Classic” box (2-3 items per month) is $29 + $6 shipping and the “Maven” box (3-4 items per month) is $59 + $7.50 shipping.

I live near Seattle and met the MakrBox team earlier this year, so when I subscribed (Classic box!) they added a little “friends and family” discount to my account. I feel like this is important to note because some bloggers receive free boxes for review purposes, and I want to make sure it’s clear that I’m a paying subscriber who chooses to write about subscription boxes because I want to practice writing and because I love spreading the word about cool boxes and cool companies. If I ever get any kind of free box/item in exchange for a review, I will make sure to mention it in the review post.

On to the contents of my September box! I should probably mention… As far as I can tell, your first box is likely to look a lot like my first box. I think they look at it more like “box one, box two, box three” for each subscriber and not “What are we featuring this month?” Maybe I’m wrong, though. I’ve only really seen MakrBox reviews written by bloggers who have received boxes for review purposes.


From the quartertwenty website: “The Knucklehead is the third and smallest product made from the piece of steel used to create the GiddyUp stool. Cutting the shelf slot from the second product results in a strip of steel that becomes a minimalist yet muscular bottle opener.” [Etsy shop | Cost: $20-28]

I like that this maker creates a useful product instead of just tossing the piece of steel and that it comes in a little box. I already have plenty of bottle openers and this one looks a little too manly for me, so I’m probably going to give “the Knucklehead” to a male friend.


The second item in my September box was this Smoky Honey Habanero Sweet & Spicy Rub [$10.95].

From the Spiceologist website: “If you’re in the mood to impress, our Smoky Honey Habanero signature blend won’t let you down. Slightly smoky from the smoked paprika, slightly sweet from the honey granules and some kick from the habanero. We love this blend and so do our customers. It’s our #1 Seller!”

I’m really happy to see that this blend is gluten-free! I don’t cook much at home and normally only prepare meat when the meat is part of a Blue Apron meal, so this wonderful spice blend will be given to a friend who loves to cook (and will hopefully use it to make something for us so we can try it). I really like that it looks like a good product and that it’s a big jar!

In conclusion… this wasn’t my favorite MakrBox month because I don’t plan to keep either item, but I’m really happy to know about both (local…ish) makers/companies and I do like receiving good gift items in subscription boxes.


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