October 2014 MakrBox

Yep. Two MakrBox reviews in one day and in a row. I was a bit busy last month… last several months… I don’t even know. ;)

The are two MakrBox options. The “Classic” box (2-3 items per month) is $29 + $6 shipping and the “Maven” box (3-4 items per month) is $59 + $7.50 shipping. This is the Classic box.


Mustard And CoGarlic Dill (Seattle, WA)
From the website: “This is the PB and J of mustards. That is, Garlic and Dill were just made for each other. Alone they’re great, but together they are out of this world. Use this raw mustard to add some kick to chicken, or even spice up an egg salad sandwich. It’s so good, you’ll be happy you have three.”

I’ve tried this (local!) mustard before, so they’re not a new discover to me… but I am happy that this bottle is bigger and a new (to me) flavor. I don’t really use a lot of mustard so I might end up giving this bottle to a friend… or I might try to find a simple recipe that calls for mustard. Haven’t decided yet.

Love, Daniella Tea Towel (Seattle, WA): I’m so happy I discovered tea towels this year (thanks to subscription boxes)! I love tea towels and getting new ones because they’re useful and can be a nice background (backdrop?) for food photos. This maker also really stood out because she was the first (and so far only) maker to comment on my Instagram photo of the contents of this box. I am now following her on Instagram, Twitter, and Facebook.

Essential Apothecary Alchemist Kiss Lip Moisturizer (Seattle, WA): I like lip moisturizers and am looking forward to eventually using this one. Strange that it’s not on the maker’s website, though. I am happy the MakrBox team decided to include a product by this maker and am hoping they decide to feature one of their other products in the future… especially if that product is the toothpaste or the deodorant! I guess I can always buy the items online or message them and see if I can meet them somewhere and buy the items in-person, but I’d rather receive a nice little surprise in a box. ;)

Final thoughts? I’m really happy with the box contents this month because I learned about a couple cool local makers (already knew about Mustard & Co) and got a new tea towel!!


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