Hazel Lane’s Charleston, SC box (Classic)

I love letting the Hazel Lane ladies shop for me! This month they introduced us (subscribers) to Charleston, South Carolina. I’ve never been to South Carolina, so I couldn’t wait to see what they picked!

IMG_1685 Pineapple Pillow Case/Cover by Vintage Affair Studio: This is a great item on a few different levels. I love that it falls into the “home decor” category because that’s one of my favorite subscription box categories. I really like that they decided to partner with Vintage Affair Studio and design a special case just for subscribers! I also love that the maker has other cute things in their Etsy shop. Now I just need to pick up a little pillow that can fit into this cover/case.

Salt Cellar: This item took a moment to figure out. Apparently it’s a painted shell from Charleston’s Oyster Point, and their suggestion is to use it to hold salt. I don’t know if I’ll end up doing that or not because I have a salt bowl I’m really happy with, but I’ll probably eventually find a use/place for this piece. I love that it’s a home/kitchen item!

Sangria Dark Wood Stretch Bracelet with Dark Tassels: This bracelet isn’t exactly my style, but it’ll probably work for some outfit or event. I do like how it feels! I hope the Hazel Lane ladies keep finding jewelry to feature in the women’s boxes. :)

IMG_1710 Dodeline CardI love getting cute cards in subscription boxes because I almost never buy cards on my own and really like having the extra nudge to give/send cards to people. I think some other subscribers received cuter cards, but I like that this one gives me a lot of freedom when it comes to the reason/occasion for this card.

WildFlour Pastry GranolaSounds like this is made by a special (and awesome) maker, so I’m looking forward to trying this granola! I don’t frequently eat granola, but today I had a muesli bowl at a juice bar and now I’m thinking about picking up some almond or rice milk for this granola. Hope it’s fantastic.

Charleston Breakfast Tea from Charleston Tea Plantation: I don’t drink much tea right now, but I’m working on changing that. I actually made a few cups of tea last week! I started with some teas that have been sitting in the tea box in my kitchen for months, and am looking forward to trying this Charleston tea in the near future.

Next up… Nashville, TN! Looking forward to this one because I got (virtually?) introduced to this city several years ago, when I was part of a marketing team working with a singer who spent quite a bit of time in Nashville. Can’t wait to see the items Ashley and Sam picked!


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