October 2014 Popsugar Must Have Box


Popsugar had some shipping issues in October, so I was happy to get my box before November and before Halloween. The late arrival was pretty annoying for some people because they couldn’t wear the nail stickers on Halloween.

Must Have Fashion: Happy Socks Animal Socks ($12): These socks are cute and seasonally appropriate, but I don’t know if I’ll keep them yet. I have this weird little dream that involves me having all my socks match so I don’t have to deal with finding sock partners every time I do laundry…

Must Have Beauty:

butter LONDON WINK Eye Pencil Crayon (Earl Grey) ($18): This looks like a really nice eye pencil and I like the brand, but I still don’t wear eyeliner so I gave it to a friend’s girlfriend. I wish they would stop sending me eye pencils/liners…

Nailed Kit Halloween Decals ($8): These decals are cute and I did end up wearing one of the pumpkin faces for a couple weeks, but never got around to applying the rest of them to my nails. Maybe I’ll get around to applying the others someday… but that’s not very likely. I prefer getting my nails done at nail salons. ;)

Must Have Home:

Isaac Jacobs International Acrylic Frame ($36): This frame is interesting. I like it. I’m really happy it’s the perfect size for the photo booth photo we recently got to take home from a wedding!

Mine Design Chalkboard Candle ($24): I love candles and love that it’s chalkboard! Definitely an item I was happy to receive and am happy to own!

Must Have Food: Dean & DeLuca Pumpkin Spice Maltballs ($5.50): Healthy? Probably not. Delicious? YES! Loved these maltballs!!

Must Have Special Extra: K. Hall Designs Shea Butter / Olive Oil Bar Soap ($10): This is a good special extra. It doesn’t really stand out but at the same time it’s a great item to have. I like fancy hand soap.

I think this was a good Popsugar month, but not my favorite. My favorite items… the picture frame, the maltballs, and the bar soap. It’s still one of my favorite boxes, though. So glad I decided to sign up last September/October!!


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