November 2014 Hazel Lane “Classic” Box – Oakland, CA

I love the Hazel Lane boxes because Sam and Ashley (+ team?) send interesting things and do a great job paying attention to their customers. I also don’t love shopping, so I’m thankful these ladies are happy to help me acquire some cute and useful things.

IMG_2384Inna Jam (meyer lemon): This item was not in the standard “Classic” box this month, but they decided to send me a jar anyway because my name is Inna. So awesome! I saw some spoilers before my box arrived and was hoping to get some INNA jam, so I am very happy that wish was granted. I’m familiar with this company because Sugarpill (Capitol Hill, Seattle) carries their products and I’ve gotten jars of their jam for friends before, but had never tried it myself. I don’t think lemon would be my first flavor choice when picking flavors, but I am looking forward to trying it!

IMG_2457Leather pouch: This little thing wasn’t exactly what I was expecting when I saw the description “leather pouch” in the Hazel Lane email, but I’m glad I received it because it’s now a little home for my headphones. (The photo was taken at one of the Cherry Street Coffee House locations in Seattle.)

IMG_2538Rejigger: “Struggle to get the ratios right on those holiday drinks no more! This Kickstarter product does the heavy lifting for you, is BPA-free and made by rad dudes in Oakland. Includes 9 recipes.” Cool and useful little item! I stopped making cocktails at home several years ago, but every once in a while a good opportunity comes up. For example: My cousin wanted to have her favorite cocktail at her bridal shower and I needed something to do, so I ended up buying the ingredients and making the cocktail for everyone who wanted it. Maybe this item and their recipe ideas will help me in the future?

Oaklandish Sticker: Not yet sure what I’ll do with this sticker because I only really put stickers on my laptop, and those stickers are so far from either employers or start-ups I love (that happened to include one of my photos in the sticker). I don’t feel that connected to Oakland/Oaklandish, so it might take me a while to find a home for this sticker…

IMG_2386Oaklandish Beanie: I am pretty sure this beanie couldn’t have arrived at a better moment! It was a really cold day and minutes before the USPS employee dropped it off, I was frantically searching for the beanie I received from Popsugar several months ago. I couldn’t find that one anywhere, so I gave up and headed out the door. As we were pulling out of our parking spot, I saw that a box was placed on my doorstep, so I decided to run back to the door and grab it. The beanie – I don’t wear hats frequently and don’t know if beanies are a great look for me, but it’s cold right now and it can keep my head warm, so that’s good enough for me. It’s also soft and I like the color. :)

Next month Hazel Lane subscribers are going to “explore” Hawaii. Can’t wait!


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