December 2014 Yogi Surprise Box

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1. Booda Butter ($14): I like the ingredient list and my Instagram post led to me finding out that one of my friends LOVES this product. She said something like: “I am just obsessed with the Booda Butter!!! Favorite thing to use and smells like chocolate heaven!!!” I was kind-of excited when I saw it in my box and I’m really happy now because I like the idea of smelling like chocolate heaven. Nice bonuses: vegan, made in the US, and cruelty-free!

2. Essential Living Foods Chocolate Covered Cacao Nibs ($5): I like that the info card has this little Yogi tip: “Eat sparingly! Too much chocolate at once can aggravate Pitta and Vata.” This treat was delicious!

3. Urban Moonshine Energy Tonic ($8): First impression – “Ooh energy… oh, no. Another spray or oil?” Thankfully it’s not a spray or oil! It’s something I can drink! I’m now actually really happy about this sample and looking forward to taking a little shot before a trip to the gym… and maybe when I get tired during the work day.

4. Indian Tiger Eye Mala Beads ($18): “Tiger’s Eye represents empowerment, discipline, and commitment of the self. Use these artisan-crafted Jupa mala beads to keep your mind focused and remember to remain centered while you practice your mantras and meditation.” I don’t know much about mala beads and have never wished for them before, but I really like them and they definitely helped me calmed down when I freaked out about something earlier today. I try to spend several hours walking each weekend, and I have a feeling these will be a nice part of my walks.

5. Angel Rejuvenation Spray Facial Mist & Aura Cleanser ($22): I am a little intrigued by the “Sacred Healing Water” ingredient. I’m not super happy to have another mist and probably won’t use it on my face or body frequently, so it looks like I have another room spray. I do frequently feel stressed so I am glad that this is meant to help refresh and cleanse. A peaceful Inna is much happier than a stressed Inna. ;)

6. Skout Organic Raw Pumpkin Seeds ($4.50): I love a lot of things about this snack (gluten-free! organic! raw! vegan!) but am not excited about pumpkin seeds because the only pumpkin food I’ve ever enjoyed was a soup made by my boyfriend’s sister. Thankfully my boyfriend seems to like pumpkins, so I’ll probably give these to him. I also love that they’re kosher because he can only bring kosher food to campus (he’s teaching a physics class at a small Jewish high school).

7. Yogi Surprise Organic Cotton Yoga Strap ($10): I was so happy to see this because this is one of the kinds of items that I expected from Yogi Surprise!! I don’t know if some yogis are loyal to specific brands, but I think it’s cool that Yogi Surprise seems to be starting their own line of yoga stuff (and including the items in their boxes).

If you are into yoga (or just love the idea of this box) and want to subscribe, this is my referral link and here are some 20% off discount codes to try: LOVEYOURSELF and GRATITUDE.

Thanks for reading!


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