December 2014 Petit Vour Box – Merry and Bright


1. Blissoma Smooth Serum: I really like this sample size because it gives me a chance to try the product and then runs out pretty quickly. I don’t frequently use serums and subscription box companies love sending them, so I have way too many right now.

2. Meow Meow Tweet Deodorant Cream (Lavender): I love trying natural deodorants (need to switch.. eventually..) and the name of this brand!!

3. Everyday Minerals Blush (All Smiles): This blush sounds lovely, but I’d probably be much more excited if I actually used/wore blush. Yay good sample size?

4. Trust Fund Beauty Nail Lacquer (Money Buys Happiness): I am amused by the “theme” and the box the nail lacquer came in is very cute, but I usually end up giving polishes to friends because I don’t frequently have my nails painted. I guess I can take polishes to salons, but most of my nail salon visits aren’t planned and I don’t want to always have a bottle of nail lacquer in my purse. Hope somebody I know loves this item!!

This box once again made me think that I should pause or cancel my Petit Vour subscription for a while. I am a fan of their mission (Be Bold. Be Kind.) and like the featured brands/ingredient lists, but I just can’t get through these items quickly enough and too many items are ending up in the “give to a friend” pile because I’m trying to keep my mornings/routine very simple.

The January Petit Vour box payments were processed today and I sent them an email minutes ago, so looks like the January box will probably be the last one for a while. Hope I love the items they decided to feature this month!!

Oh and uh… if you got this far… HAPPY NEW YEAR!!!


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