December 2014 Stitch Fix #2

I love Stitch Fix because I love the idea of having a personal stylist… especially when the stylist also ships the clothing to me! So much less stressful than trying to pick something from a huge selection (online or offline).

IMG_2838 5

Mystree Harlem Lace Front Sweater – I like that this sweater is a light color because I don’t have a lot of light things. I’m also pretty sure I don’t have any flowery tops. This top made me think of brunch!


41Hawthorn Queensland Dolman Jersey Top – I love the material and the dark purple color they chose, but it just looked weird on me. I was really bummed!

IMG_2838 4

RD Style Warren Airy Knit Cocoon Cardigan – Yay dark and warm cardigans? I don’t really know what to say about this cardigan because I barely even tried it on. Not a cardigan fan…

IMG_2838 2

Daniel Rainn Dixon Eyelet Detail Blouse – This blouse is dark red and long. The detail is also pretty interesting. I really like it! Not a fan of the price (about $70?), though!!

IMG_2838 3

Pixley Britton Faux Leather Shoulder Dress – I love the little detail and that it’s pretty form-fitting! It’s a bit short, but still pretty cute.

I decided to keep the Mystree Harlem Lace Front Sweater and send back everything else. Looking forward to wearing this to a ladies brunch!!




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