Hazel Lane’s Nashville Box (October 2014)

I was just looking through which reviews I haven’t written yet and realized that I never wrote about my Nashville Hazel Lane box. Whoops! Time to fix that!!

I’ve never been to Nashville, but I feel a little connection to it because several years ago I worked on some marketing projects for a singer who spends a lot of time in Nashville. Plus, I guess there’s also that show now. I’ve only watched about half of the first season, though, so I guess that one doesn’t matter as much to me.


Loveless Cafe Oven Mitt: I love getting useful kitchen stuff in boxes!! I know the focus is exploring cities and businesses in those cities, but “useful” is very important to me…

HamiltonHouse Prints: I think this is a neat idea (prints on music sheets and dictionary pages). I like some other HamiltonHouse prints (cat! octopus! birds! watering can and butterflies!) much more than I like this one, but I still like getting prints and this one “makes sense” in my kitchen.

Project 615 Legends Tote: Totes are super useful around Seattle (bag ban!), so I’m always happy to get more. For some reason I keep wondering if someone will someday comment on this one.

Music City Suds If Scrubbing You Is Wrong…: I like the label and use soap every day, so I’m always happy to get more. My mom gave me a bunch of “boring” soap several years ago so I can’t bring myself to buy any soap until I run out of those bars (darn Costco…), but I’m happy to have other soap options thanks to subscription boxes.

Little Seed Farm Salve: This salve is amazing!! About a week ago I realized that my lips had gotten really dry, so I started using this salve at least once a day. They’re feeling much better now!

GooGoo Cluster Guitar Pick & GooGoo Cluster: I was really hungry when I got home, so the cluster “vanished” before I even snapped a photo. I like the guitar pick because I was able to give it to a guitar player right before he went back to Australia.

Bonus: Nashville Artist Download: I didn’t end up looking this up. Maybe I should find it and see if someone else wants to use it (if it hasn’t expired?)…

Next up… Mission/San Francisco! I love San Francisco!


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