January 2015 Birchbox


1. Miracle Skin® Transformer Treat & Conceal Eye & Face: This looks like a nice product and a fine sample size, but I don’t really use concealers so I don’t know if I should keep this or give it to a friend.

2. theBalm® cosmetics Stainiac: My favorite sample this month!! I love that it’s a lip product and that it’s a brand I recognize. I like that you can also use it on your cheeks, but will probably never actually try that.

3. Essentiel Elements Wake Up Rosemary Body Lotion: I am not crazy about lotion because I rarely use it and now have way too much of it, but I do love this little container. The scent is strong and I can’t decide if I like it or not (very minty?). My hands have been feeling dry and this box is currently next to my home “work spot,” so I ended up using some on my hands the other day. I like that it didn’t make me feel like getting up and washing my hands right away!

4. Balance Me Wonder Eye Cream: I tend to use a cleanser and not bother with any other face products, but this eye cream sounds pretty nice. Maybe I’ll get around to using it after I finally use up the other 2-3 eye cream samples I already have…

5. Curl Keeper by Curly Hair Solutions™ Curl Keeper Gel: I received a sample of a similar product (same brand) maybe a year ago and didn’t like it. Then I received a duplicate many months later and sent the Birchbox support team an email. This time it looks like it’s a slightly different product, but I’m still not excited. Maybe I should edit my survey again…

I love Birchbox because of their points system and do love many of the samples I get, but sadly it looks like this box was not a winner. Oh, well. My other recent Birchbox delivery (thanks to points and a sale!) was a Birchbox tank top (yay, new gym tops) and a box of La Fresh lens and screen cleaning wipes (really needed these). I’m happy and likely to spend a couple minutes editing my Birchbox profile…



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