BeanBox Seattle Artisan Coffee Subscription Box

More Seattle love! I’m not exactly sure how I discovered this box, but I’m happy they exist because I love: Seattle, small businesses, and coffee. One of my favorite things is that they’ve been visiting local offices and doing coffee tastings. I hear one of those companies added Bean Box to their employee perk program. It’s also pretty neat that they ship within 1-2 days of roasting!

Screen Shot 2015-02-07 at 10.57.24 PM

This box falls into a special category because they decided to send me a free box because I’ve been a sharing and retweeting a lot of their posts. Buying a couple gift boxes during the holidays may have also helped. ;)

I would normally subscribe to boxes I get this excited about, but that hasn’t actually happened in this case. Why? Simple. I work from coffee shops almost every day and never drink coffee at home. Don’t even own a coffee pot.

It might take me a while to actually try these beans because I need to find a place to grind the beans and make the coffee, but I’m still happy they decided to send me a box because it means I’ll actually get to check out some of the roasters they feature. I’m thinking it’ll be a friend’s house or office. (“Friend’s office” isn’t an odd choice for me because I work remotely and occasionally visit different offices and co-working spaces.)

Pricing: They now have three options! $20 for a box like this, $20 for one 12oz bag per month, or $34 per month for one 12oz bag every two weeks. If you go for one of the big bag options, you also get to pick: mix OR your favorite roast – light, light and medium, medium, medium and dark, or dark.

Roasters featured in this shipment:

Conduit Coffee Company

Seattle Coffee Works

Slate Coffee Roasters

Seven Coffee Roasters



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