Catching up on… MakrBox

I love MakrBox because they tend to send useful things made by Pacific NW (which to me also means local) makers. I can probably find some of these items at local farmer’s markets and maker fairs, but this is just so much easier. Plus, I’m way too good at just browsing and walking away empty-handed.

I’ll list these boxes by the month I received them, but would like to note that this company doesn’t follow the popular “these are the items featured in our February 2014 box” subscription box format. For example: Your first box is likely to include the items/makers that were featured in the first box I received.

Cost of the “Classic” box: $29 + $6 shipping. I pay for these boxes (and pretty much all other boxes) but they added a little discount to my account for being a friend.



Miishka Handbags Letterpress Luggage Tag: I really like the quality and the Pacific Northwest scene on the tag. I haven’t traveled much lately so I briefly considered giving this tag to someone who travels more, but eventually decided to keep it. If you love photos of custom leather bags, make sure to check out this maker’s Facebook page! My favorite post: “Almost done with custom orders for the season. This husband said he was taking their old leather jackets (from 20 years ago when they met !!) to goodwill… What a surprise she will get!”

Ballard Bee Company Honey: I’ve heard great things about this honey and love the jar! We have way too much honey because for some reason people keep giving us honey, so I gave this jar to someone who I’m sure will enjoy it.



Andrew’s Reclaimed Modern Coat Hook: This hook isn’t up yet, but it will be… at some point! I’m not sure if I’ll use it for a coat, though. Maybe. I’m tempted to use it for my umbrella or keys or something like that.

Otter Wax Leather Salve: This product looks great but we don’t really have much leather, so I threw it in the “Secret” Santa/Christmas gift bag of a friend (Miss Destructo) who seemed way more interested and much more likely to use it.

Buy Olympia Notepad (repurposed from creations by Nikki McClure): I love that they made notepads (something useful!) out of old calendars! I haven’t gotten in the habit of using notepads yet because I just started getting used to writing in paper notebooks again (went all digital for a while), but I think it’ll become useful soon. The lack of lines keeps making me think I should use the pages to draw random things while I’m on the phone…



Hardwood Folding Tongs by Geoff Fisher: These feel very nice and make me happy because I love getting kitchen tools in subscription boxes.

V Smiley Preserves Tomato Honey Jam: I was really happy to see this jam in my box because I’ve been following this local maker on Instagram for a while. At first I wasn’t sure how I was going to enjoy it because we don’t normally have bread/crackers at home (how do you eat jam?), but then several days ago I spotted it when looking for something to flavor some chicken that I was planning to bake. I probably wasted some jam because I didn’t serve the chicken with anything, but it was still a pretty delicious combination.


Finally… this is Dustin, one of the founders of MakrBox! I saw him working the MakrBox table at a couple different Seattle events during the holidays. This photo was snapped at the Seattle Collective event at Makers, a cool co-working and events space in Belltown, Seattle.

My February box will probably appear on my doorstep next week. Can’t wait to see what’s inside!

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