December Stitch Fix #1

I love Stitch Fix because I don’t love malls and love receiving just a few options to try on and consider.

Cost: $20 styling fee that can be used toward anything you purchase from the shipment. If you purchase everything, the total will be discounted by 25%. I’ve only purchased the full box once.

Screen Shot 2015-02-07 at 10.17.46 PM

First look!

First thought: So happy to see interesting prints and different colors!

IMG_2941 4

Is it a bad sign that it took me seeing the “first look” photo to remember this top? Probably. I don’t really remember what it looked like on me, but I’m guessing I didn’t love it.

IMG_2941 3

I fell in love with this “jacket” right away because it’s soooooo soft. I tried to deny that love, however, because it’s short and was also the most expensive item in the box. After a couple days, I decided to keep it because warm items are useful in Seattle and I just didn’t want to send everything back (and “lose” my $20 styling fee).


I like the interesting print don’t have enough purple in my closet, but I couldn’t quite get the dress to fit so I couldn’t even put it on. :(

IMG_2941 2

I don’t remember if these didn’t fit or if they sent me a bigger size this time because other jeans didn’t fit, but these didn’t work out for some reason. I believe they were a bit expensive and didn’t look right on me.

IMG_2941 5

I love this red but didn’t love how this top looked on me, so it went back to Stitch Fix.

Lessons I just learned: Don’t want so long to review Stitch Fix boxes! I guess I’m glad I don’t store my thoughts about clothing items I’ve tried on, but in this case it’s kind-of frustrating because it’s hard to write about them.

I don’t know why exactly they scheduled two December shipments and then none in January, but I’m not too sad about it and actually decided to skip my early February shipment. I love the new items I’ve acquired through Stitch Fix and will probably get another fix in March, but a little break while I focus more on fitness goals seems like a good idea.

If you’d like to check it out for yourself, I hope you consider using my referral link.

Thanks for reading!


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