Spring 2015 Eat Clean Live Happy Box – “Detox and Delight”

I discovered Homeshed Kitchens and their new seasonal Eat Clean Live Happy box when I was browsing #subscriptionbox on Instagram. I really liked the little bee print and the idea for the box, so I started following and subscribed a day or two later.

This box is interesting because Homeshed Kitchens is not a subscription box company (more like a caterer?), they’re only creating 150 boxes per season, and shipments will be sent around the 16th of each month.


1. Detox & Delight Tea Blend > I love the detox theme and have really enjoyed this tea.

2. Bamboo Tea Infuser > I already have an infuser or two, but this one’s different and I like that it goes with another item in the box (the tea).

3. “Super Good” Super Food Red Berry Smoothie Mix > I’ve been thinking about making more smoothies for a while, but have been keeping my blender hidden because I’ve only had bad experiences with it in recent years. This mix changed that “relationship” and got me to experiment a little more! I didn’t have fresh berries on hand, so I used the mix + almond milk + one pitted date (also in this box) + one banana (until I ran out of bananas).

4. Hot Chocolate and Tea Swirl Sticks – “The chocolate sticks are made with 58% bittersweet couverture chocolate, organic maca root powder, raw cacao powder, pure vanilla extract and sea salt. The tea sticks contain 100% white couverture chocolate & chai tea leaves.” > I haven’t tried the tea swirl stick yet, but the hot chocolate swirl sticks vanished quickly! I’m glad Chef Jeanette included two. :)

5. Recipe cards (smoothie, vegan soup, salad) > I used the smoothie recipe right away. Not sure if I’ll get around to trying the soup and salad recipes, but they can be useful.

6. Madras Curry > This item was included because it’s one of the soup ingredients, but I’ll probably use it for something else. Tempted to use it in some kind of rice dish.

7. Pitted dates > These dates were included because they were on the list of smoothie ingredients. I’m glad they were in the box because I probably wouldn’t have gotten around to purchasing them before making a smoothie.

8. Whipped Honey (“Killer Bee” from The Bee Folks) > The honey is meant to be enjoyed in the salad (recipe card included) or with the tea. We have a bunch of honey because people keep giving us honey, but I’m hoping to try this honey at some point.

9. Bee Flour Sack Towel > I love useful kitchen items and the little bee print!

10. Journal “to keep track of your hard work and determination” > More cute bees! :) Paper journals have been on my mind and I recently started using them again, so I’m happy to have another one.

This box costs $28 (free shipping if you subscribe) and felt more like a care package than a subscription box. I am already looking forward to opening the summer box in April!

If you’d like to get this box, there’s still plenty of time. Learn more about the Eat Clean Live Happy Box here. If you’d like to learn more about the items featured in the spring box, check out Chef Jeanette’s “reveal” blog post here.

Thanks for reading! :)



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