February 2015 Hazel Lane Box – Colorado

Colorado Hazel Lane

Paykoc Hammered Copper Mug: Win, win, win! This mug is cute and makes me think of delicious and refreshing summer cocktails!! So glad they picked it!

Urban Bird and Co. Big Dipper Pillow Case: Another win! I wish it could have been a set (of two), but one is better than none!

Honeyville Honey: This honey looks great. I hope it’s good! I gave it to a friend because we have a bunch of honey already (and rarely eat it).

Heritage Lavender Sachet: This is a neat item because I like thinking about lavender fields, but I haven’t figured out where to keep it yet. The gym bag idea didn’t really work out for me because I think some of the lavender powder(?) ended on my clothes.

Celestial Seasonings Tea + Honey Vanilla Chamomile Lip Balm: I’m not super excited about the tea because I have plenty of tea, but lip balm is always useful!!

Kelsey M Designs Arrow Print: I love getting pretty prints! I like that this one is colorful yet simple.

Bonus – Roots Magazine: I’ll probably end up looking through this when I have some time. Definitely not this week!

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