January Hazel Lane Box – San Francisco Mission

Hazel Lane - San Francisco

I never got around to taking a photo of my SF box, so I was really glad the Hazel Lane ladies posted one!

Fellow Barber Styling Cream ($22): This product and brand seem great. I don’t normally use styling cream and my boyfriend tends to stay away from most products as much as possible, so I will probably give it to a friend who is much likelier to use it and enjoy it.

Scents of San Francisco The Mission Candle: I love getting candles! I don’t know that I like this scent, though. I burned it for several minutes a few weeks ago and we decided it smelled too much like chemicals or like something was on fire (that wasn’t supposed to be).

Poco Dolce Olive Oil Sea Salt Bar ($7): This chocolate was so good. I want more!

Philz Coffee Tesora: Many of my co-workers are in California and looove Philz (click here if you want proof). I’m really looking forward to trying Philz Coffee but don’t have coffee-making stuff at home, so my first experience will probably involve one of their physical locations (and this pouch will be given to a friend).

San Francisco Trick Dog Tourist Map & The San Francisco Burrito by Wendy Macnaughton: I’m not crazy about the tourist map but I do like the burrito print!! It’s now one of the three Hazel Lane prints hanging in my kitchen.

Over-all not my favorite Hazel Lane box because I only really loved the burrito print and the chocolate bar, but I’m not sad because I received those two items and some new gifts to give to friends!

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One thought on “January Hazel Lane Box – San Francisco Mission

  1. Catherine LaSasso March 26, 2015 at 10:46 am Reply

    Thank you for your review of our Mission candle- we are sorry that you don’t like the scent. We suggest burning it for more than a few minutes to get the full fragrance of the cinnamon and palo santo notes. Our candles contain only essential oils and we are told by customers that our Mission candle reflects that district quite well.
    If you are still not a fan- please contact us through our website and we’ll be happy to send you another fragrance.


    Thank you!


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