Catching up on Popsugar Must Have Box… December 2014!

Oh, wow. Can’t believe I’m this behind on my Popsugar Must Have Box posts! Hope I can catch up today. Haven’t been able to blog much because my job is almost 100% on my laptop and I’ve been trying to stay away from my laptop when I’m not working. It seems like a good idea for my health… and stuff. ;) Anyway…


Official Popsugar photo…. seems easier than finding my photo right now. ;)

Must Have Fashion

Sparklepop‘s Sydney Pendant Necklace – I love that this necklace is very long and shiny! Something about it feels a little cheap(ish) to me so I don’t think I would have picked it on my own, but I’m happy to own it and am glad it was in this box.

Subtle Luxury scarf – This is one of my favorite scarves right now because it’s pretty light and not blue! I’ve received too many blue ones and don’t wear them often because I don’t think they go very well with my dark coats.

Must Have Home

Knot & Bow parcel tags – These tags are pretty cute but not super useful to me because I don’t frequently use tags. They’ll probably come in handy someday, though…

Canvas Home porcelain bowl – I love this bowl because it’s simple, shiny, and useful!

Must Have Food

Williams-Sonoma cupcake mix – This looks like a great item for many people, but unfortunately it wasn’t for me. Ended up giving it to a friend whose sweetie doesn’t dodge gluten.

Must Have Beauty

Smashbox lip lacquer – I love and dislike how colorful this lip lacquer is. I love it when I feel like having really bold lips, but don’t wear it often because I usually want to wear something that’s lighter and more… natural-looking.

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