fitmob and Classpass!

I’ve been trying to focus much more on health and fitness in recent years, and I think I’ve finally found an exercise program/membership that works for me!

I heard about fitmob and Classpass when they launched in the Seattle area in late 2014 but for some reason didn’t think about them much until late February 2015 (when I decided to pick one and start a trial). I liked that fitmob had a local Instagram account and seemed like a smaller company than Classpass (cool thing if you love helping small businesses and start-ups!), so I decided to create my fitmob account and sign up for a 7am class the next day.

Fitmob didn’t have as many studio partners as Classpass, but it wasn’t a big deal because we had unlimited access to most of the studios (Flywheel had a “once a week” limit). Immediately I set a “five or more classes per week” goal for myself and I am still hitting my goal most weeks. It’s not that hard to reach 5 if you always at least try to find a way to fit 2-3 classes into one day. ;)

I love how fitness class exploration fits so well with my hobby of checking out different local businesses (the Yelp app is one of my favorite apps… and not just because I was a Yelp intern once upon a time!) and posting about them on social media. Also, the location flexibility makes a lot of sense for me because I work remotely and frequently from coffee shops and libraries in different neighborhoods/cities because I don’t want to sit at home all the time (and a few other reasons). It’s easy to take classes next to my apartment early in the morning, but being able to take classes at studios near wherever I happen to be at noon and 5pm make more sense for the rest of the day. It’s also for some reason fun to sneak in a class between work and an event (my favs: tech, start-up, foodie) in whichever neighborhood the event is in! Also, I really like the variety (cycling! HIIT! yoga! different style of yoga! mat pilates! equipment pilates! barre! boot camp! kickboxing!) because it keeps things a bit more interesting.

Other great things…
– The requirement to sign up for classes and the flake/no-show fee actually really help. My (now old) gym had no registration option for classes, so it was much easier for me to talk myself out of waking up early or showing up even if I got home in time to make it to a class.
– I lost 5-10 pounds in my first 1-2 months! This was SUPER exciting because while I’m not close to my goal yet, those were pounds that I had re-gained when I tried the “full-time yoga studio membership” experiment. Pilates 3x a week was so much better for me than yoga 3-5x a week. I haven’t lost much since then, but I haven’t yet done a great job adjusting what and how much I eat/drink. Also, I just recently introduced HIIT and “boot camp” classes.

ANYWAY… the subject mentions Classpass but I said I picked fitmob. What happened? Classpass acquired fitmob a couple months ago and I switched platforms on June 2nd.

How was my first month as a Classpass member? I miss one thing about the fitmob app’s map view, the local Instagram account, and visiting Pure Barre Bellevue ~4 times a week (in part because they were the first to learn my name… feeling of community)… but it was fantastic!! My favorite things: Having access to even more great studios and stalking #classpass on Instagram and Twitter. The “3x a month” studio limit hasn’t been a problem so far because there are so many studio options and I only have so much time to dedicate to classes.

Next post will be about which studios I’ve visited so far. I don’t want to do one post per studio so I’ll probably split them up a bit by location.

Screen Shot 2015-07-08 at 11.02.14 PM

First class – Bala Yoga in Kirkland, WA


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